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    Apr 9, 2011
    I ordered a coop form these folks about a month or so ago. I still don't have my coop, and the lady that runs that company will NOT return phone calls....They have trucking companies haul their products, and they say they are delivered and set on your location, only to get a phone call from the trucking company that they have nothing to get them off their trucks. So figure on spending another $500 to hire someone to come out and get it off the truck. It takes a pretty good size tractor to do that....I have never complained about a company like this, but I don't want any of you folks to have to go through what I have with this mickey mouse operation. I think the Amish people are good people, but I can't seem to get ahold of one of them to convey my issues that they have some very incompetent people taking care of their business........that is my rant, this isn't over with yet......I'm VERY UPSET!!
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    I wouldn't assume that the website is owned or operated by an Amish person. I suspect that they are simply a company that buys Amish products and then retails them. I tried to do some quick google searches to find out who owns the company/website but couldn't find it.

    Edit: I found this.

    Contact Privacy Inc. Customer 0119879268
    96 Mowat Ave
    Toronto, ON M6K 3M1

    Domain name: MYAMISHGOODS.COM
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    Wow... so your going to have to pay $500 more just to get the coop off the truck?
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    Quote:This is simply the company who has the current rights to the domain name '' that does not guarantee they have anything to do with the actual business.
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    I am in TOTAL agreement with your disappointment and anger over your order from My Amish Goods! I ordered a coop from them back in February. I was told it would take about 5 weeks to arrive at my house from the date of my order. It actually ended up taking eight weeks. 3 weeks is a lot of extra time when you have chickens waiting to move into their coop! Debra (the owner?) told me that she would be having some random driver load the coop on his truck to bring it out to Washington state from Pennsylvania. Fine. Then she told me that we'd have to get it off the truck. She said, "Don't you have a neighbor with a tractor or a forklift you can borrow?" I'm sorry...I don't live in farm country...I live in the suburbs of Seattle. I don't have access to tractors and forklifts. I was beyond upset. The problem was...we needed a coop, pronto. So I told her to go ahead and put it on the truck, and we'd just have to figure out how to get it off when it arrived. It was also promised to be delivered on Friday afternoon, or on we had a bunch of people lined up to help us move the coop. Then, the driver got held up in Nebraska, and didn't bother to let us know he was delayed. It didn't show up until Tuesday, when there was no one available to help us off load the coop.

    We ended up having to rent a tractor from our local rental shop for a couple of hours, which cost us $175...PLUS an $80 delivery fee. I called Debra at My Amish Goods to tell her that I'd like for her to reimburse me for the cost of the tractor rental. She said it wasn't her problem...or her responsibility. She said their shipping is only "to your location"...not offloaded in your driveway. It was our responsibility to get it off the truck. She wouldn't even agree to send me their automatic chicken door they sell ($185 retail). I felt like she owed me something, since when I placed the order I was never told that we'd have to get a 600 pound coop off of a semi trailer.

    The reason we ordered from My Amish Goods in the first place, was the free shipping. Most other companies charge around $600 to ship to the west coast. Now I see why the shipping is's HORRIBLE service.

    The coop itself is looks like it was put together in a big hurry. Sloppy job. It was also transported *unwrapped* on a flat-bed semi trailer, so it had 2500 miles of road dirt all over it...completely filthy. The stain isn't applied very well, and there are nails sticking out everywhere. They used a rotten piece of wood for the lid to the nest boxes that we've already had to re-enforce so it wouldn't split when we lift the lid. It will be fine, as far as coops go...but when you're spending $1,600 on a coop, you expect it to be made well.

    I'm sorry you're going through the same thing we went through a month ago. In my opinion, they'd be better off to charge some money for shipping, with the promise of it being placed in your driveway. I can tell you that I will never place another order with My Amish Goods...which is unfortunate, because they have some nice items. But, I just can't deal with horrible customer service.

    Oh, and I don't know that the owners are actually Amish...they probably just sell Amish goods. Good luck, and I hope your coop arrives in better condition than ours did!

    PS...Debra is horrible about returning phone calls...she replies to emails more quickly.

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    People 'round here use the term Amish to describe outbuildings that are built on parallel runners. I think this is supposed to make them
    easy to deliver with a forklift. I'm sure none of the folk here who sell Amish sheds sell anything ever touched by the Amish. They tend to
    be of inferior quality.
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    Apr 9, 2011
    UPDATE....After talking with the truck driver this morning, I guess I'm not the only one who has been irrate with Debra. He's getting his fanny chewed on at every stop he told me he makes with coops!! Debra just ignores phone calls....I khow that, and guess what, I'm sending them the bill for offloading my coop and run, and if they don't pay it, I'll see them in court!!!!! I'm never doing business with that mickey mouse company again, and I would tell you to think real hard before you do the way, the driver also said this may be his last load for that company.
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    Be sure to get that driver's name, phone number and address if and when you need him in court or a written adavident to prove that the company sucks.

    If this lady said that delivery is extra, fine, pay up. If she said that you are responsible for unloading off from the semi, then you will have to swallow the costs. If she did not mention it when it arrived at your place, then you have every right to complain that she did not specify in what you should be preparing to do when the coop arrives.
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    Looking at their website, there are some flaws...Amish built or Amish reproductions and high quality Amish...well I am sorry but using those words makes me think using the Amish word too much tells me it is just another distributor of coops.

    Amish folks, the REAL ones, would not make a shoddy coop. I've seen their craftsmanship and they are NOT cheap!

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