mycoplasma can it be passed to parrots?


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Mycoplasma is apparently very common in chickens. Sorry, I really don't know if your parrots can get it or not. Some veterinarians say 75-80% of small flocks have MG. It does cross through the egg to the chick in about 10% of a hatch. So it is not a for sure thing. SInce parrots are such very expensive birds, I think i would recommend calling an avian vet and finding out for sure. There is a way to treat the eggs with a Tylan bath that will kill the MG in the egg and then you hatch it. ALso, try changing your title to something like "can my parrots get MG", you might get some folks with better answers. Weekends are also rather slow on BYC so if you don't get the answere you need, ask again on Monday. I hope that helps!


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Depends on who you ask. There are many flocks in this country that are mycoplasma free due to serious biosecurity and care to boosting immune systems of their flocks. The only true way to know is have your birds tested.


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May 23, 2011
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Oh my parrots are not outside. I am looking at keeping a couple very small chickens inside though and I have chicks in the incubator that I want to raise up. They are the ones I was going to have but since Columbus City code is overly strict, I can't. Maybe I should not even keep them in my bird room though. Thanks.

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