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Jul 7, 2009
Hi all,
A couple weeks ago my chickens started sneezing, then led to labored breathing, bubbles in eyes and one of them died. Are there any other illnesses that could cause the bubbles in the eyes? I am debating if it is worth the cost to have the test done or just cull them all and start over next year 😟 any opinions on this?


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Mar 27, 2020
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Coryza manifests in much the same way, is also a virus, and I believe has a similar mortality rate. Both viruses live in a chicken's system for the rest of its life and can spread to new birds. Mortality rate is low, but it can kill chickens. My own flock has either myoplazma or coryza, but they were never tested. I have gathered supplies, phone numbers, and emergency money to ship off bodies for a necropsy next time a flock member dies to confirm diagnosis. At this point your options are few. Either cull the whole flock, or learn how to manage a self-contained flock with adequate biosecurity. And either way, make a plan for a necropsy.

I love my flock both as pets and farm animals, so culling was not an option for me :(

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