MyPetChicken coops

Depends on which ones.

The ones circled in red are bad. The ones circled in purple are great, but aren't accurate when it comes to how many chickens they can fit.
Having purchased a prefab coop I agree with others, making one of your own or hiring someone will get you a better product. We have one of the red circled ones and have had to cut things out, add things and it is does not fit well, the parts just don’t fit flush, and for $600 we could have made a much nicer, more practical one that suits our needs much better.
How many Chickens do you think the All-In-One 4x6 chicken coop would hold comfortably?
If you keep them only in that coop and run, without letting them free-range or giving them a much bigger run, I would say about two would be best. I would agree with the others that building your own is most efficient, or converting a shed into a coop works too! Also, that way you can build the coop exactly how you want it.

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