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    Feb 20, 2008
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    yeah i know, there's already a bunch of posts on mypetchicken, but i was wondering...

    Has anyone ordered sumatras from them? i was thinking about ordering 10 of them. What's the quality of the birds? i don't need show quality or expect that but i'm just curious. i just had a bear break into my fenced in run and lost 9 so i want to build up my flock a bit. they will be a little more protected this time. electric fencing!

    Anyone else from NJ order from them? after my horrible experience from McMurry last year i thought i'd try MPC. And are the prices worth it?
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    We're ordering from Meyer's this year. I wasn't really wow-ed by McMurray when we first ordered and we were thinking of MPC. But I only wanted one bantam and the other 7 standard hens so I just decided to go right with Meyer's and forget about that bantam. No way was I spending 10 dollors on a Red Silkie pullet that might not make it!

    Our order has mostly crested birds though I'm also ordering 1 Black Sumatra standard pullet. I don't know about the quality-they're coming in about 2 weeks and will obviously take some time to mature.

    We border NJ and I didn't think the prices were so worth it. Meyer supplys the chicks cheaper and they also do small orders, with a heating pack, of course.

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