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    so my broody had babies, 6 to be exact.. and a few weeks ago all but one was gone.. i was like.. how in the?? they were all in an incloser and there was no sign of them anywhere, so i just kept looking around.. no sign, i ended up giving up they wre for sure dead becasue they didnt have warmth or food. and then a few days ago my pigeon who thought it was a chicken went missing.. it would not have flown away,, but i saw a few tail feathers... i kept lookiing around.. and then i was two tinnnnnyyy babie kittens and i went to go grab them but the ran into a vent under my house.. i looked and there, low an behold was a cat with a buch of kittens ! the mother cat must have taken my broodies chick becasue she needed to feed herself and the babies, and my pigeon too.. and yes i found feathers underthere so im sure.. so it was bitter sweet.. my birds were gone but inreturn it gave life to some babie kittens.. now i just need to catch them so i can tame the babies so they arnt ferral.. thats gonna be hard to do..

    sorry thought it would just share.. [​IMG]
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    Wow, you have an amazing perspective on the situation. Poor mom cat trying to find some food for her babies. i hope you can catch the little ones and get them to someone who can work with them, unless you are prepared to do that yourself. Such a small window before they are too savvy to catch. i have a mom cat feral who lives at the back of our property. Have yet to catch her and get her fixed. And now, another batch of babies. Ah well.

    Good luck. And, sorry about your little chicks and your pigeon.
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    Awww, that is bitter sweet. At least you know where your birds ended up. When you finally catch the kitties you'll have to post pictures in the other pets section.
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    You have an under the house cat and I have an under the house dog. LOL!
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    Oh my. A few years ago I found a cat under my grandma's house. She had kittens and they were poping out running around. I managed to catch one and I kept it. She was with us for a few years, had a couple litters. Then after she had her last litter she unfortuantly got out and hit by a car. I still have one of her kittens though and that is our kitty Kohl. Who is totaly adorable.

    Feral Cats can make good pets after all. best cat I ever had.

    This is our Kitty Kohl. She is like her mother in a lot of ways. But she looks nothing like her mom. Her mom was a blackish tabby cat.


    but she is still good with the kids, very tollerant of them. She wasnt Feral like her mom once was cause she was born in the house with us right there all her life. She was acctually born in our bed.
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    My mum rescued a cat from a farm who was very vicious, he never quite tamed up and still liked to run wild. She also rescued a pure white kitten from a woman who had far too many cats. She needed lots of medical care and had cat flu, she's now 16 and very old, but she's the tamest sweetest cat ever, if you can avoid the snotty sneezes lol.
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    Maybe if you start feeding the mama cat she won't eat your birds any more. Just a thought. She will start to become a bit nicer and the babies won't be as timid once they learn from mama you're not so bad after all.

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