Mysterious egg laying behavior

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    Nov 7, 2015
    Hi everybody!

    I'm a first timer when it comes to chickens, and while I've searched for every answer to the many questions I've had, this is the only one I can't seem to find.

    I bought our chickens as chicks in March. They started laying the last week of July through mid-August. We started with 9, one died mysteriously (it was a weird one with developmental issues) and another tried to land in a drainage pit full of water and drowned, so now we are down to 7.

    Anyway, I monitor them all and everything seems to be fine except with one of the hens when it comes to laying. She was one of the last two to start, and since her first egg (mid-August) has only laid 3 regular eggs and then 3 wind eggs. The regular eggs were about a week apart and then the first wind egg was about a week after that. The last two wind eggs were a day apart and didn't come until the 2nd to last week of October. We've had nothing since. She doesn't seem to be in distress, and she's not the lowest in the chain from what I've observed. She's very healthy with this exception.

    All of my chickens are free range and we have a very large property so they have a lot of exercise. All natural when it comes to feed and such.

    The hen in question is an Easter Egger

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    [​IMG] Due to their varied genetic background EE can be all over the place as far as production goes. It may also be possible that she has some reproductive tract issues.
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    May 15, 2015
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    Nov 7, 2015
    Additional info:

    We have 5 nesting boxes and only two are used. It's an old cubby style bookshelf. Also, we have regularly checked our property for signs of hidden eggs. No luck. Sometimes I will see her in a nesting box but eventually she comes out after an hour or so without laying an egg.

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    Hi and [​IMG]

    Wind eggs usually are a sign that a bird is signing off to take a rest (long or short). Some new layers will start laying before winter, but, just lay eggs sporadically until the days get longer and breeding season starts. Not all start off laying continuously.

    Look at her comb and face color, is it red and plump? That said, check the width of her pelvic bone spacing near the vent. One finger width, she is definitely not laying. Two fingers, laying a small- medium. Three fingers or a bit better- passing L to XXXL eggs for sure.

    If her bone spacing is wide, possible she could be passing weak eggs that may break and they eat, or her eggs just may be eaten by an egg eater.

    My best guess is that she's just taking a small break again.
    Good luck!

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