Mysterious Mauling


Mar 12, 2018
So, I'm a college student and this previous week was the first week of the fall semester. I didn't check in on my chickens yesterday because I had work until 5 and then went to the library to study. I didn't think much of it, my chickens had plenty of food and water, and it wasn't a big deal. That's what I thought... I went in this morning and one is dead and the other is mauled. She's missing an eye(or refuses to open her eyelid) and most of her tail and seems quite traumatized. There's this hissing sound that comes out of her rear end whenever she tries to adjust herself. I feel like the only option is to euthanize her (no chicken vets near us), I'm kind of just hoping for some validation in that decision. I'm currently contacting some friends to rehome my other pullets because I'm just so emotionally done with this hobby.

If there's some way to save my mauled hen, I'd love to try because I feel so damn guilty, but I don't want to prolong her suffering.


5 Years
Apr 15, 2015
I don't think there is, if the hens were attacked but not eaten it is most likely a ferret, weasel or something of that family, they don't kill to eat though they do seem to go for the eyes and blood or possibly a cat. I know it's not easy but it sounds like the best thing for the hen would be a kind merciful passing

I would set live traps and see what you have that got after your hens as they will be back
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