Mystery Chick? He or she?

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11 Years
Apr 11, 2012
Nova Scotia
Of my 9 chicks, all 3-4 weeks old, there is one I cant guess. "It" comes from a rose comb GLW father and australorp mother

Mystery chick is in the first 3 pictures. Mother is Australorp. hes going to have salt and pepper markings.

Girl ^ Mother is an EE

Boy^ Mother is Australorp

Boy^ Mother is Australorp

Boy^ Mother is ISA (This one I nursed from near death, all the chicks I got from his mother died before hatching the last day.)

3 weeks old and he is definitely a boy! ^^ Mother is Blue Australorp. I honestly thought this one was going to die when he hatched...he took FOREVER.

Girl^ Mother is EE

Possible girl^ Mother is Australorp

Pure Cornish 6 weeks comb...Girl^^
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I know...its hard isnt it?

He acts just like my australorp Dragon. I thought she was originally a roo because of her outgoing nature, but she turned out to be a girl. Thats why Im scratching my head.

Either way, its going to be a beautiful bird, white with black splashes i think. I like to call it salt and pepper. There is some black lacing coming through on the chest feathers. Its almost like they are going to have the silver laced look, but black and white.
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