mystery death

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    Jan 14, 2012
    Northeast Texas
    Last night I noticed one of my 1 yr old Wyandottes with a small-moderate amount of dried up poo on her behind. Her cloaca looked okay, no blood/worms visible. She otherwise seemed just fine. This morning, she was dead on her nest. No outside trauma I could see. After looking at some online pics for reference, I performed an autopsy, expecting to find parasites inside, or maybe masses. I found none, and she was not egg bound. No formed eggs were in the oviduct, but I did see immature, small, b-b sized yolks (oocytes?)... I checked her beak/mouth, no blockages. She had been dead for several hours before I found her, and fire ants were on her bottom. Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on what may have happened? Could it still be parasites I don't see?

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