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7 Years
Mar 29, 2013
I recently bought two 24 week old silver paced wyandottes to add to my flock, the flock accepted them really well, when I went to school one of my broody sex links started bullying them so my mom let them out to free range, when I got home one of them was missing and hasn't been found In 3 days, we live in the city so the only predators are possums in my area but it happened during the day, the strange thing is that our fence is too tall for them to fly over, there is no feathers anywhere and the other one was inside the coop and no one placed her in there, and there's no way inside the coop except for the door which was locked, any ideas of what might have happamed
Some kind of bird of prey could have swooped in and grabbed her.

How tall is your fence? I've thought that about my own, and then had birds flutter several feet higher. They don't often flutter up, but when they do they can reach surprising heights, especially when they are younger. There's also the possibility that she got up on something else and went from it over the fence.
My fence is around 7 foot tall, I still asked my neighbors if they have seen her but none of them have
And we don't have any carnivorous birds in the area (at least that I know of) I have some that always stay free ranging and nothing has happened to them
If one bird is gone and the other bird was in a coop that was locked, there's a human involved somewhere. Raccoons could easily unlock a coop, but they're not smart enough to lock one away to eat later
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I agree but why would someone take one and lock the other away? It doesn't make sense
I missed that part! Oops! I would talk to your mom about what happened when she let them out. If she's sure she let both out and if she noticed anything amiss.
My mother says she's certain she left both outside, and that if anyone or anything would've came in she would of heard the dogs bark

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