Mystery Duck eggs

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by Pookie_Momma, Jul 27, 2014.

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    Hi there,

    Well i am taking a gander at hatching duck eggs. [​IMG]. I just picked up 2 dozen fertile duck eggs at the auction yesterday and of course i do not know the breed. going to be a surprise. I know that the incubation is 28 days long (on most). so i was hoping that you guys could help with at few things????

    1. I have an egg that has the air sac on the side of the egg not the top.... Should i lay it on its side for incubation or can i put it in the turner?

    2. all the eggs appeared to be sitting right side up in the cartons but Two(2) of the eggs had air sac on the other end of the egg. So i turned them air sac up? was that right in doing that?

    3. Should i just take the turner out and manually turn them? the turner is old and if it gets to hot it will stop turning.. so a little worried about that.

    4. I have a still air so i have the temp at 101.0 degrees and the humidity is sitting at 41% with NO water in it. Should I add water or not?

    5. Is it recommended to mist them daily or not if the temp and humidity is right?

    6. what are best days to candle them? 7, 14, 18 are chicken days are ducks the same?

    7. at day 25 when i should go into lockdown what if they are scovies and need longer time?

    Thank you all in advance

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