Mystery Egg


Jun 12, 2018
The smallish light one on the end was found in run.

This morning I found an egg in the middle of my chicken run. This is the first time I’ve gound an egg outside the nest. It was a tad smaller (which I know is normal) and lighter in color than my spotted Sussex eggs, which would be the closest match. Is the color variation normal? Or could it be from some “visiting” bird? It’s a fairly small, off white egg. What the?
I don't know this to be true, but I wonder if an egg shell bleaches out when it is out in the open. I found one in the run today that I had mistaken for a golf ball for a couple days. It looks just like some from the only chicken that I know is laying, except it is a shade lighter in color.
Could a chicken have laid it and it got scooted around in the run for a few days, bleaching it out a bit?

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