Mystery: First egg this morning & then a soft one?


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Nov 7, 2012
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Ok, I wonder if anyone has any insight here. Had a weird thing happen.

Happily, our French Marans (Fifi) had her first egg this morning. It was tiny and had a nice hard thick shell.

Then, this evening while I was removing a cage from the run (we have a recently feathered girl I introduced a few weeks ago and finally removed her cage) I noticed a lil 'water' coming from Fifi's bum. She was outside the run but not far.

A few minutes later, I see Fifi pecking away at a very soft egg shell. Now, i have one other chicken laying-age (who has NOT laid yet to my knowledge), but not sure if it was hers or Fifi's. I took it away promptly, but I wonder what the situation is...

Does this ever happen with first time layers? Do chickens ever just 'drop' a soft egg outside the run on concrete? What about the watery substance coming from her? She gets plenty of oyster shell and looks very health to me...



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Sep 7, 2012
One of my girls once laid a small regular egg and only a few hours later she laid a second soft egg. She was acting a bit sluggish and cranky but ended up being fine. She was a relatively new layer when it happened. It was a one time thing and she is a happy healthy hen today. She did not laid any more soft eggs after that. Perhaps they have a few glitches when they first start laying.

I don't know about the water. Keep an eye on her, hopefully she will sort it out herself.


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Aug 14, 2012
This is totally normal for pullets just getting started laying - the egg just skipped the process in the chicken that puts the outer shell on. The egg your lady laid just didn't have a shell, what you see is the inner membrane. Not a calcium deficiency. Unless she continues doing this frequently, I wouldn't worry about it! You should expect some weird looking eggs for the next month or so!

Congrats on your first egg!!

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