mystery in the brooder box.


11 Years
Apr 26, 2011
I have a hen who was setting on nine eggs.on day 21 they started hatching.she finally came off her nest Saturday morning.i looked in her brooder box,i was going to remove any eggs that did not hatch.i found one egg i counted her peeps and i could have sworn that i counted nine.that evening when i got home from work.i went down to the coop.and their was only eight peeps running around.Sunday morning i was able to crawl in to the brooder box.(I'm 61 years old.that was not a easy I fluffed the shavings and did not find any eggs or a little peeps body.i was told today by a older gentleman that it was possible that if the egg was cracked that mama hen probably ate it.just wondering if someone with more experience would know what happened to the other egg.

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