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    The white chicken in the last picture is my hen named bunny. The white roosters in the middle picture were her identical brothers. I got her from a local man who bred chickens and hatched them as a teaching opportunity for his children. I bought her under the premise that she and her brothers were RIRs. As chicks they were all yellow. It is clear now that she is not a rhode island red. The other breeds the man had were RIRs, cornish hens, araucaunas and barred rocks. She is now about a year old and is a bit smaller than my wyandottes but larger than my EE bantam. She has a red single comb that is on the short side and yellow legs and beak. Her eggs are large - once she layed one only slightly smaller than a baseball! They are the color of chocolate milk with really dark brown spots on them. Below is a more current picture.

    thanks for the help!
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    She looks like she may be a White Plymouth rock.......but the egg color has got me confused..

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