Mystery piece of flesh found in nesting box

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    Hello fellow chicken lovers,
    I have 2 year old red sex links and when I went outside this morning to let them out of their coop and get their eggs, like usual, I saw this small piece of flesh in the nesting box. It's 1 inch long and pink. There was also a broken egg with some very soft "shell" that didn't form in the box as well. There wasn't any blood anywhere. Did this piece of flesh come out with this unformed egg? I checked the chickens' vents and they seem ok. Their behavior and health are fine, too. Does anyone know what this is? And should I be worried?


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    Hello and welcome to BYC!

    Occasionally hens will shed tissue from the oviduct and uterus or pass what is called a "lash egg"....yokes that have been cooking in the uterus that never got moved along. This appears to be shed tissue. As long as this does not become a constant thing, it is normal. Especially older hens, this can be common and a sign she is coming to an end to her laying cycle. 2 years old is getting up there with Production birds, although some do lay later in life. Keep an eye on her, but she should be just fine.

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