Mystery Pullet Egg...Whose?


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I have 18 young point of lay pullets and seems 4 of them have started laying. The first were both the Barred Rocks, then one of the New Hampshires and today, I found this one, the one on the left. On the right is my BR, Margaret's egg. Sneaky pullet laid it quickly in between my coop visits so I dont know whose it is yet. The only suspects are: RIR, New Hampshire, Welsummer, Buff Orpington, Ameraucana, Easter Egger (though the last two are highly unlikely). It's quite dark, but I dont think dark enough for a Wellie egg; certainly not as dark as the ones they came out of. Most of them are 23 weeks old, but the Buff Orp and NHs are 22 weeks. I'm leaning toward RIR.

Below is my NH, Lucy's egg she gave us day before yesterday:
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I bet it's a RIR. My late head hen, Ruby, was one of my hatchery RIRs and she laid a very dark speckled egg. This would be a breeder type RIR pullet, if that's who did it. One of my Welsummers, Alma, has been showing interest in the nestboxes lately and so have the RIR girls. Cant wait to see what I get next! Just 14 new layers to go. Then I'll have to wait for the Delaware girls to get a bit older.
I betcha that's from one of JennsPeeps chickens. They're sneaking over to your house to lay!
(Sorry speckled, I'm feeling silly today
I've got a Red pullet that just started laying about 2 weeks ago.... her eggs are that color, with a tinge of pink sometimes.

I'm not sure if she is a RIR, or a production red. She was a swap with a neighbor, and a MMH baby.

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