Mystery Rooster lives up to his name!


6 Years
Apr 30, 2013
South Central Kansas
We received this handsome fellow as a day old chick (all reddish brown with dark "naked legs") in a batch of feathered fancy chicks. He was a mystery then...and still is. We thought he might be an Americana, but when we ordered more of them they were not a match. Any ideas out there?

My guess would be that he is an EE.
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We thought that, but when we ordered 3 more they looked totally different than him--both as chicks and now at 12 weeks (but the 3 of them look alike even though they are different colors).
Due to their great genetic variability (depending upon the parent stock), Easter Eggers can come in a wide range of colors.
But won't their general body make up be similar? He has a different shaped head than our EEs; and their cheek puffs are well pronounced, and he just has white dots. Sorry if I sound difficult, we've just been looking at bird after bird. He's got bits and pieces of many! UGH!!
Again, because they are basically crossbreds that may or may not carry the blue egg gene, EE can come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, and colors.
Howdy from Kansas, ChickieWickies, and
! Great to have you aboard! Are the others you have hens or roosters? The roosters look quite a bit differently than the hens. He's a great looking bird! Good luck to you!
Well, howdy back from SOUTH Central Kansas! The hatchery says he is in fact an Americana. Our other three are 2 gals and a boy, but they are still pretty young. They took a beating in the rain we got this past weekend (but I'm NOT complaining that we're FINALLY getting rain to fill up the creeks and ponds), but the kids wanted pictures of their babies.

The rest of our flock includes: both white and black langshan hens and roosters, cochin hens that are blue, red, buff, and silver-laced, a gray barred cochin rooster, and a light brahma hen. We've got almost 30 in all. These critters are addictive! It's funny how they each have their own personalities.

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