Naked Chicken--what to do?


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May 18, 2009
Van Alstyne--40m NNE fr Dallas
We have a Barred Rock who has lost all but a few tail feathers on her back end, most of the feathers on her wings. The rest of her feathers look OK. She came with three other barred rocks who aren't having this issue, and she lives with 31 other chickens (including her three "sibs") and nobody but her has this issue.

Does anyone have any ideas? I do not see mites (you'd think she'd've shared those anyway). There are no sores or icky looking developments. She seems to be laying although mine are all free range and they share four boxes (they have 10, they just use the four only).

She gets the same diet, treats, everything is the same as the other chickens.

Any ideas? I appreciate any and all feedback.

My barred rocks are looking rather scruffy right now also. One has lost almost all feathers on her butt except for tail feathers. I think it's normal molting. I told her she'd better get some feathers soon as it's getting cold at night and she will freeze her bum.


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