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I am having a hard time figuring out if my chickens are male or female and what breed. New to this...clearly. But I find some pullets look like cockerels because of the breed. I have nine and and kinda freaking out because its kinda looking like I could have five cockerels and only four hens!! What breeds and gender please? Thx.

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Silver Duckwing Old English Game bantam, Lakenvelder (black & white bird), Rose Comb Brown Leghorn, Barred Rock would be my guesses.
How old are they? From the pictures those look all girls, but can't see the back of the barred one.
I agree with the breed IDs, and that they are all female.

The Barred Rock is a female. You can tell by the dark color. Males look lighter.
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They are all under six months. I figured the black and white with the red comb was male for sure??? The other barred I have has no comb reall so thought this one in pic is male. And as for the rose comb too. Well that's a relief. Thanks y'all!
I'm seeing all females. The barred rock and leghorn look like they should be laying, probably the hamburg also. Are you getting any eggs?

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