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    just about everyone has encontered the murder scene that a predator will leave, and if you havent well lucky you. in this game you discribe the the murder scene and others will try to guess what predator did it, if they get it correct they get to post their own experiance with a predator getting their flock and so on. I hope that this thread will help make it easier for people to indentify the culprit. I will start:

    All of my bantam show chickens are kept in rabbit cages in the garage, there were 17 birds in total. the garage doors all were open becuse of the heat, never had a problem with predators coming in the garage for the years i had the birds, plus they were in cages so i figured that they were safe. my little sister said that she heard the chickens bawking in the garage just a little bit after nightfall but thought nothing of it. it broke into three cages, one looked like this:[​IMG]note that the cage has a simple door that goes inward to open and is shut with the swinging latch. I took out the metal bars on the side to make it easier to stack. i had this cage stack ontop of another cage the same model when i came in the garage i found the cage on top (that had my prized show roo in it) five feet away on the ground upside down so that the swinging latch came undone letting the predator in. there were alot of feathers. the next cage was a small, colaspable dog cage it collasped the cage to get the chickens, which it must have been strong to do since it is not easy. the next cage was a medium dog cage with fairly large holes, the ones on the top were large enough for the chickens to fly out of so we covered them with feed sacks. this cage was stack ontop of an large dog cage. it got up there, moved the feed sacks, got in, got the chickens and got out. There was no sign of flesh, odor, or blood, just a few feathers around the cages. then my grandma called us saying that there was a dead black chicken by my neibors driveway. the chicken looked as if it was alive except it was missing it's head. who did it?

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