Name This Duckling


9 Years
Jan 19, 2011
Escanaba, MI
I'll be honest, I never really give my fowl names. I have one rooster named The Jerk because he is just that, a jerk. And that is kinda the most naming I've done. Also, I'm terrible at naming, which is why I am looking for fitting suggestions. My three other magpies are unnamed.

But this is a solo duckling who is spending a lot of time with me. So giving her a name seems reasonable. I am pretty sure the duckling is female, from vent sexing (got pretty good at that when I had a whole bunch of pekins I raised for butcher last year!). She stays with me while I am home. Alas, she either has to be on or next to me, a basket in sight won't suffice. In fact, she's escaped from everything I've put her in (other than the brooder, but she peeps incessantly in there because she can't see me).

Here are some pictures. First, from a recent bathtime, and then hanging out near the computer. She loves the computer keys. Caps lock especially


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