Naming my coop/run


Dec 30, 2021
Kentucky, USA
I always wanted a beach house, one with pastel painted walls and a silly name adorning the outside. Well, I don't think I'll ever have a little island home but I DO have my 9 chickens with their coop and run! I have worked my butt off on this "project" and I adore my little chickens. It's time to give this place a little identity!

I want to have a plaque of some sort made but I cannot come up with a name for my coop and run. I have nine chickens who are not yet grown so I don't completely know the genders. The breeds are Brahmas, Easter Eggers, and Barred Rocks. I thought of incorporating the fact that I ordered just three girls from the hatchery but the hatchery accidentally sent me 9. "The Accidental Nine" just isn't fun enough for a name but maybe something to play with as I had to build an entirely different coop after the extra six were added!

Any creative folks on here? I would love to hear your ideas. I have some fencing already erected, just waiting to hold a name plate.

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