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    I haven't been around BYC in a while and recently a friend suggested I pop in that some of my photos have been circulating around on here. The old website of napalongtails dot com is no longer as we have combined it with our overall ranch site. Yes we still breed longtails. In fact we have a new state of the art climate controlled building, all chicks are brooder hen hatched, once every 2 years we have select chicks for sale. There is a waiting list. Our select birds are shown , then bred in select mated pairs. Here is link to our ranch site, you will see that we are very busy and in being so it is hard to monitor the boards once regularly frequented.
    For a direct link to see some of our poultry and this fall check our for sale page. I have a wonderful web manager who does her darndest to keep up with ranch happenings.
    Should you like to contact us directly feel free to use our contact us pages available on the website. Thank you J.J.Orr (Napalongtails)

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