Narrowing down my chicken breeds. Opinions? Suggestions?

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    Mar 18, 2015
    So I am in the process of setting up my coop, I have one but the ground has been to soft to get machine and unload it. I still have stuff to do: Clean and paint the coop, figure out how I am doing their waterers (I want to use a rain barrel system), figure out how I want to do the bedding (haven't even looked into it yet), build the enclosure (we have a lot of predators so they will only be free-ranging when Im home).

    I used Meyers website to get some breed ideas.
    - Ideally I would prefer them to not be broody but can work around it if they are, a lot of the breeds I like are broody unfortunately.
    - They should be cold hardy (I live in ohio on the lake).
    - I want them for eggs but they dont have to be egg factories.
    - I want them to be pretty, I dont have the options to have a lot of chickens so I want them to be pretty (I'm sure you will see what I mean when I list the breeds I liked), fun eggs are a plus.
    - Since cold/frost is an issue here small combs would be great.
    - Personalities- something friendly, docile and quiet, I'm not too picky but I would like something that doesn't go running away from me every time I walk by. I also live in the suburbs so quiet is important, I'm allowed to have them, my neighbors already are aware but there are some really nosey people I would prefer to avoid having to talk to or having them show up with their kids. I have a large double lot and the property behind mine is 40 acres of woods so I dont see this being a huge issue.

    Now, the breeds I liked on the Meyer site were: Easter Egger, Australorp (strictly for egg laying perks), Barnevelder (I LOVE these, dont know why lol), Cream Legbar, Cuckoo Maran, Jubilee/Lavender Orpingtons (obvious reasons), and Welsummer. So if anyone can give their opinions/suggestions/experiences that would be great.

    Also, how is Meyer hatchery? They are close enough I can drive to pickup the chicks and obviously have all the ones I am interested in so that might be easiest. There is a really good breeder in our area who has some of the ones I'm interested in but only like 2 and not my favorites, plus they're kind of really pricey.

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    Hello & welcome! Seems like you have done a lot of homework - good for you! Your 'chick picks' are good in the main I think. In my personal experience I found not found Marans to be overly friendly and I found Orpingtons to be eating machines with low output. [​IMG] However, Barnvelders, Australorp, EEs' and Welsummers are a great choice. Welsummers can be a bit pushy, so just be aware. They lay beautiful speckled eggs so I think they are worth it!
    I don't know anything about Meyer hatchery, but I have not heard anything negative either.
    Until you really know which breeds are for you, I would not go to a private breeder. After a year or so when you have a better idea, then maybe hit up the breeders if you want to breed your own stock, but you know what? Barnyard mixes lay just as well [​IMG]

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