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Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Mermaid909, Sep 13, 2014.

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    Just really bummed I could not see the camping world truck race today but at least I have byc community to make the day better. :)

  2. Total nascar fan here [​IMG] I think my hubby watched the Nationwide race today, but I was out and about [​IMG]....was the truck race not on, or you just didn't have time to watch it?
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    The race was on fox sports 2, I dont get the channel :( I am a big nascar fan and a now I am a fan of chickens. I am thinking about getting more eggs but I think I need to hold off for a bit. There is a person on craigslist selling maran eggs in Pasadena 12 for $30.
  4. Awwww...bummer! X2 on the nascar AND chickens [​IMG] I am also holding off on any more hatching by me or my broody. Too busy right now. Never have looked on craigslist for eggs, but will have to keep it in mind when I am ready! I want to hatch some more bantam cochins next time around. I LOVE them [​IMG]Want to find a local source...tried shipped eggs and that didn't go very well [​IMG]

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    Yah, Im hoping to go more local, my mailed eggs are not hatching very well. I guess i will get my chickies to laying age and worry about incubating in a few months.:D
  6. No roosters allowed here so unfortunately no fertile eggs to work with [​IMG]
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    Lol, I hatched a blue orpington roo that I'm keeping unless he becomes an attack roo. Btw, like you, I like the little bantams too, but the only egg source I have heard of is silkie eggs near san diego. I dont want to make that trip right now.:D

  8. Me too so far..but hoping to locate someone closer by the time I look[​IMG] We will have to keep each other up to date on info we find [​IMG] People on here hatch shipped eggs all the time, so not sure why mine aren't successful [​IMG] Guessing maybe how far they have traveled or because of temps(got them in summer).
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    You are probably right, my first hatch was was shipped duck eggs, but downhill from there. Some eggs I get are weeping in the box, maybe its the summer heat. I REALLY want to get eggs that are not shipped. My last attempt at hatching was some trader joe eggs and 4 of them started to develop but got that ring of death day 14 :( . I hope we both get better results next time.

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