Nasty stool in Rhode Island Red


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I bought 6 pulletts to add to my 9 healthy birds but have not put them in the hen house yet, they have been quarentined in their own set up for two weeks now and I have been watching - now after reading alot on this I will only buy chicks in the future.

They seem healthy - I built an outside pen for them etc, but I cant help but notice one of the pulletts seems to have a watery stool- reddish looking maybe? Perhaps it is no big deal - I watched one of the others go just today and it was nice and solid. What should I give them to help this nasty dark brown/reddish watery stool - I think it is only one bird of the six I have quarentined?


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IF it's the reddish brown liquid stuff I'm thinking of then it's perfectly normal. Every six or seven stools will be loose like that and it's normal.
ETA: I had some time so I found the thread for you where JennsPeeps explains the different types of poo:

The type of poo I believe you are referring to is called cecal.
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