Natural cat recipes needed, please.

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I have kept two of Autumn's sons: Little One and Gypsy - Gypsy eats cat food very willingly, he doesn't care if it is dry or wet food. Little One, on the other hand, won't eat cat food, even as a kitten.......he preferred raiding the trash (still does) or stealing food from anyone's plate that didn't keep their eyes on their plate (and still does).
. When I can, once or twice daily, I feed Little One as healthy as I can, but my DF believes that if Little One doesn't eat every day, he's starving
, so he's taken to feeding Little One anything off of his own plate .....worse yet, he's bought canned tuna (people grade) and has been feeding that to Little One.

Little One eats fries, potato chips (his faves are Pringles and Lays Original), noodles, milk, meats have to be cooked/seasoned lightly (some beef and chicken, he will eat raw, bacon, he will eat raw), chicken cooked eaten bone and all, deli meats, rice has to be seasoned lightly, some vegies (all cooked and lightly seasoned), you name it, Little One will probably eat it.

I can't get rid of Little One because he is DF's "Therapy cat", as when DF is in alot of pain/achy, Little one doesn't leave his side, except for drinking and litterbox time, he even sleeps in DF's chair at night, and on our bed during the day.

I'm going to have to buy a book on cat nutrition for my DF to read, so he'll be better informed on how Little One really needs to eat.

One last thing, DF thinks it is A OK if he feeds my cat people food also, against my wishes
he doesn't see any harm, so while I'm at work, my cat is sampling (not gorging - sampling) bits of people food, the amount he does eat is small most of the time, but I don't want him eating both cat food and people food, he'll become a "Pudgy Boy". I feed Gypsy twice daily 6am/6pm dry (wet, if out of dry) cat food - left in his bowl for grazing on all day long/ which it lasts around 1 hour after feeding, after that, he shouldn't have anything to eat until I feed him after I get home from work.

Does any one know of any natural recipes for my boys (cats), so that I don't have to worry about the health of both?


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When i was a kid growing up on a farm our cats never got any store bought food. Only table scraps, milk and whatever they caught. Guess what ? THey never got any disease from the food .
have you tried to mix the dry food with table scraps or gravy? Have you tried different kinds of food? I adopted a cat about a month ago and bought him super expensive food. It was before grain with salmon and this stuff is 12.99$ for a small bag. He didnt like it . So i bought some plain old whiskas dry food and tah dah he eats it. Cats can be picky .
ONe questions remains though:
If cats love to eat mice, rats,squirrels and sparrows so much why is there no such flavored at food? When is the last time your cat dragged home a cow, shark, turkey....?
BTW our Roscoe doesnt like people food too much, he only sampled tomato sauce which he likes, but will turn away mild italian sausage or any other raw meat. Email the catfood companys and ask them to send you samples of their food. See if the cat in question likes any.
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Thank goodness I am not the only one who clicked on this link and wondered if there would be a request for cat a-la-king.

Sorry, I blame my husband's influence for my warped mind.


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Thank goodness I am not the only one who clicked on this link and wondered if there would be a request for cat a-la-king.

Sorry, I blame my husband's influence for my warped mind.

Does cat taste like chicken?

country freedom,
Please check up on cat nutrition, they have different essential amino acid needs than humans. I remember that when I made HM catfood I had to add clam juice. I eventually just got lazy and feed what they like which is Friskies canned and any dry that they will eat. I don't buy Alley cat (no cat I've ever had will eat it) and Atta cat ( the one time I bought it all the cats had diarhea) never again.

Imp- Cat rescuer

ETA- Taurine That's the amino acid I was thinking of.
Thanks Briteface
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It's really important for your cats to be on cat food, not people food. A lack of taurine alone in the diet can lead to blindness and cardiac death. Our dogs and cat eat a raw food diet. But there are different requirements for each animal. Please get your cats on cat food ASAP.


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Your cat might look like it is starving because it is not getting the vitamins and minerals it needs specific to a cats needs. You can feed it scrambled eggs, that is healthy for it. And there are raw food recipes for cats. I will look some up for you. Also, you need to get a good cat vitamin like VetLine Vitamins for cats ... there are also some really great canned foods that are all natural that your cat will probably eat. Weruva makes a can that is just like chicken noodle soup, Merrick makes stew-like cans that are pretty popular, and so does Halo. Natural Balance Chicken and liver pate' and Turkey and Giblets are both quite popular with cats also. But so long as you have a good vitamin, you can boil chicken and rice together along with some veggies and add scrambled eggs and feed that. Or, if you want to go raw, there are also raw recipes that are easy to follow as well. Hope that gives you a direction to start in anyway. Sometimes cats are picky because of a texture thing, so you might try different textures when feeding.


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If you cat isnt eating cat food. He is telling you that he dosnt want it. I dont blame him. Read the list of stuff in the food. HE wants people food because cats are carnivore. I think if you did more research that you will be surprise.Open up an can of tuna is a good thing. Good for him. He knows that dry cat food isnt good for him.

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