Natural causes or a predator? Warning: graphic photo!


Chook Snuggler
6 Years
Apr 3, 2015
Northwest Ohio - The Buckeye State!
I came home to a gruesome sight two days of my tiny OEGB ladies, dead, being devoured by select few hens. All during broad daylight. My initial thought was that a hawk (predator that frequents this area most) had eliminated her, and our girls saw the leftovers as an easy meal. However, looking back on previous hawk attacks, not only was the victim eaten almost entirely (or carried off when said raptor spooked), but traumatized flock members didn't dare approach the remains. I also got to pondering; Puzzle never acted "normal." She was hatched with the tendency to suffer conniptions at random over absolutely nothing, specifically screaming/bolting full speed/flying as though her life depended on it. Feel free to challenge me on this, as I'm far from sure....but it almost seems logical that Puzzle died young from extreme stress, and then served as my Leghorns' dinner. Any thoughts? Attached photo shows damage.


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