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    We live up in the mountains and have a dog and 2 cats, as well as our chickens. Our dog is a 5-year-old chocolate lab/heeler mix named Ginger. Now, Ginger is a sweet dog, got pretty overweight when we lived in the city; but since moving up here to the hills, she's losing weight, her coat is better, and she's happier and healthier than she's been in about 2-1/2 years. We are good about staying on top of flea control, but lately things have been a little tight & right now, we are out of Frontline. I haven't seen any fleas yet (knock on wood), but I saw her starting to scratch the other day so I know it's time to take care of it this Friday when hubby gets paid.

    Well, lately, Ginger has been enjoying laying in the sun out on our deck, and our barred rock, Juanita, spends most of her time up on the deck (she's older, doesn't hang with the rest of the flock much anymore). Ginger has been very tolerant of the chickens (even though SHE was here first!), and she seems to get along with them ok for the most part. The other day, Ginger is doing her thing laying out on the deck, and there's Juanita... pecking at Ginger's hindquarters... and I realize, that's where Ginger's been scratching, and Juanita is pecking the fleas and/or eggs off her! So Ginger is sitting there letting her do it, and it seems to be a win/win situation for both chicken and dog.

    This morning, I went outside, and lo and behold, Ginger's letting Juanita peck fleas off of her again, and I wish I had my camera phone with me! I'll try to get a shot of it tomorrow if they do it again.

    Who knew chickens were good for getting you through to your next application of Frontline ??? Add "natural flea control" to the list of reasons to keep chickens.
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    Now to keep the fleas that are on the chickens from jumping back on the dog!
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    Mar 29, 2011
    [​IMG] Haha! Thats cute! [​IMG]
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    sweet story!!!
    that said...

    (just know that ingesting fleas can cause tapeworms. i don't know how that effects chickens, just mammals)
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    If you have any food grade DE around, that could help until you get on your feet again. It's not nearly as effective as chemical flea treatments, and isn't a preventative, but it's worked for us in a pinch especially with rescue dogs.

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