Natural remedies for poultry diseases


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This is my first post! Yay!
I wanted to share an article about natural chicken maintenance. I hope some will find it useful. I have used some of these methods for the last two years with my small flock of 6. Just a few great points:
  • Garlic to reduce mites p.2
  • Garlic in water to prevent worms and parasites
  • Peppermint, woormwood, and nasturtiums planted around coops to control intestinal parasites p.3
  • Probiotics (yogurt) and Prebiotics and Organic Acids (ACV)p. 4

And many many more great combinations of plants and herbs to keep our flocks healthy.
Link to the article below:

Hope this is useful.
I was just thinking about natural remedies. I was thinking of using a mixture of part water and a few drops of my Thieves oil and lavender to wash out the brooder and limit any viruses or bacteria floating around. Do you think this would be okay?
Thanks Brahma Breeder.
Lavender has many disinfectant properties. I have no idea about the other. We use a power washer to scrub the coop once a year (May, guess I better get on it, but we need a warm spell, and it is freezing on the West Coast). I use lavender every time I change the coop bedding, about once a month. I harvest lavender from bushes on our property, dry it, and use the stems and some tops in the bedding. I also use sage. It is a natural way to keep things clean and pest free.
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Thank you ever so much for this article. I have always used natural or herbal remedies for my family and loved reading about the ones that are good for chickens as well.

Appreciate the time you spent finding this. Have bookmarked it for future reference.

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