Navigating CLAIMS with USPS for chicks lost in the mail

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Papa Brooder, Aug 5, 2014.

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    I am looking to gather information in my attempt to navigate the "insurance and claims" process of the united states postal service. I am in the process of contacting Consumer Affairs and would love to have your personal experiences as well so that those of us who ship chicks and eggs can help make the system functional when God forbid something happens that affects the health and well being of the chicks or eggs. Feel free to send me a PM if you don't want to post on here. :)

    Has anyone successfully received a claim in the past 6 months from the USPS? If so was it one of the first few claims that you have filed? Has anyone filed a claim that was your 4th claim or more that was accepted upon the first filing? Or did you have to go thru 2 separate appeals processes to get your claim filled?

    Have you been given a hard time at your local PO when trying to get USPS FORM 2856 filled out for chicks DOA or visible damage to box and contents?

    In particular, I am curious about chicks shipped express mail, insured, taking 3 days or longer to arrive to destination, with losses upon arrival?

    I am beginning to believe that USPS denies ALL claims regardless of having "everything" they ask for in terms of proof of value, photos, forms indicating loss by USPS postal workers. I have literally filed 8 claims (chicks, damaged boxes resulting in broken eggs, packages taking 12-14 days to arrive, etc.) and as of now after multiple appeals on EACH claim, I have not received a dime. However, my first 3 claims filed were accepted. I have submitted the exact same evidence with each claim and for the most part the situations have been identical, chicks arriving 1-2 full days AFTER guaranteed arrival time. I'm hoping to have my faith restored in the USPS. Can anyone report a positive claim dispute?

    I would love to help get this system actually working so that those of us that ship and pay for insurance are actually being given appropriate options for making claims.

    For instance, I was told that the damage form 2856 cannot be filled out until a letter from the claims department has been send to the person who filed the claim. First, you cannot file a claim until 7 days after you have received damaged items. Then if the USPS if having a GREAT week, then perhaps you get a letter within a week. Now, 2 weeks have passed at which point your are supposed to bring in your "damaged" box and contents. We all know or can imagine how great a box of dead chicks will smell after sitting around for 2 weeks. :)

    In any case, would love to hear your experience with the claims process and any tips or insight!!! Thanks!
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    I have not had any dealing of this sort with the USPS, however, I am so sorry you are having the run around from them. Sounds like they just don't want to fork out any money and are hoping to keep you discouraged from pursuing it too persistently!! I hate to say that I am not surprised - but I am not. They are a government run agency and as such, there is very little motivation to provide good customer service. :(
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    The USPS has gone downhill as funding is cut and they increase the use of contract workers. It's their SOP to deny claims. About a year ago they "lost" a shipment of my sister's belongings (more like stole as the box arrived empty). It took about six months, several appeals, numerous calls to the postmaster, and formal complaints to get any restitution. This past May, they lost a shipment of very expensive honey bee queens...luckily the queens were found before they died. Sadly, the only way I have found to resolve problems with the post office is to raise a big stink.

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