NC- Small Flock (6)=$40. Local Pick Up Only

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    Feb 3, 2009
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    I'm not sure how this whole "Buy it now" thing works. I have these birds posted in numberous locations, so please post here or message before clciking that button, bc I don't know what it does:rolleyes:

    I am selling my flock of LF chickens.

    -Rooster is Blue Cochin, sweet and protects his girls.

    -Golden Laced Wyandotte hen

    -White Rock, possibly mixed hen

    -Mutt, was told EE/Game mix hen

    -Black Copper Maran, feathered feet hen

    -The Only Bantam, not sure of what kind. OEGB hen, holds her own very well.

    Please take these girls and guy off my hands. I'm trying to get the coop empty so I can enter the world of pigeons. Will consider trades of pigeon products or if you get 6 sheets of OSB, I will trade. (I don't have a truck so I can't get wood [​IMG] )

    No pictures. Sorry.
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