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Mar 4, 2011
Have been perusing BYC for a few weeks now. Many topics here have provided my SO and I with a lot of good information. Well anyway, with the state of the economy, my SO and I have decided to become more self sufficient. We have had a garden for quite a few years, but last year we expanded it to bring in more vegetables. This year, we made plans to get some chickens and goats. Well things are falling into place a bit better than expected. We placed an order for 25 light brahmas from McMurray and the are due to arrive on March 7th. However, we have a friend who works at the PO distribution center and is going to be keeping an eye out and passing the word to his fellow coworkers to keep their eyes out for our peeps. Of course with it being McMurray we are also expecting our free "rare and exotic" chicken. Most likely, its going to be a RIR cockrel lol.
So the other day, I was at the local TSC to pick up some supplies and they had peeps and ducklings in. So besides the pine shavings and starter, I also came home with 3 mallard ducklings. While Bob, the TSC employee who helped me, could not guarantee the sexes, he believes he gave me a male and 2 females. Got them home 3 days ago, all 3 are doing really well. The one we think is the make, is like twice the size of the 2 supposed females. The one little female from day one climbed into my hands on her own. Unfortunately the other 2 required a bit more coaxing. We are using a plastic storage bin as a brooder for the ducks and its working quite well.
I bought some lumber from the lumber yard to build a bigger brooder for the peeps. I will have it finished tomorrow, and hopefully, come the first of the week when the weather is supposed to break, I can start work on the coop and run. I have gained so much valuable information from these forums that I should have no problem building them. Anyway, figured I might as well start posting since I plan to spend quite a bit of time here learning as much as I can. Can't wait for our chickens to come in, we are so excited.
Welcome from Northern California.

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