Need a chicken-run builder, Nashua, NH


7 Years
Nov 16, 2012
Nashua, NH
Hi, all

I'm starting my first flock that consist of what I hope are all hens! They were hatched 03/25/2013 and as you know, they grow overnight!
I had someone build me an awesome coop that I will be picking up within a week or two. The problem is, I thought my son could help me build the run, but it seems beyond his level of expertise. I would like something large enough for me to stand up in; I'm only 5', 2" tall so it will not be a skyscraper.
With all that being said, is there anyone in the Southern NH area that could build one for me? I'm not financially loaded but I want my birds to be safe.

Thank you,

Nashua, NH

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