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Jul 13, 2015
I have a golden laced Wyandotte who has been sick for 2wks. Started with fever and lethargy and not eating. Gave her duramycin SQ/IM 3days and SQ fluids, force feeding mush and she seemed to get better. Started eating and drinking. No signs of blockage or egg binding. Poop looks OK. But now she acts like she is gagging after she eats alot. Gave her Reglan and that helps but now a couple others are starting the gagging thing. Could this be worms or coccidiosis or entertitis? first thought was u lucrative entertitis since poop looked normal. Did alot of research and can't figure out how to approach treatment. HELP.
I'm sorry you're having trouble.

Can you take her to a vet?
Video of your flock's actions - the "gagging" would be helpful.
What are you feeding?
Is the crop emptying overnight? Any sour smell to the breath?
You mentioned she had a fever - how was this determined?
Any swelling of the abdomen?

Taking a fecal sample to your vet for testing of worms, cocci and bacterial infections would be a good idea.

Since you have several exhibiting similar symptoms - determine if there has been a change in feed (new bag? expiration date, old feed) or possibly wet moldy/mildewy areas if you've has a lot of rain.

Check the crops to see if they are emptying overnight.
How old is she, and has she recently been laying eggs? Sometimes the crop will not function properly, emptying overnight. either from an impacted crop pr sour crop, but also can just become sluggish if there is another illness. This happens frequently in cocci or Mareks, but I'm sure it happens in other diseases. Gagging sounds like her crop might be impacted. Feel of it now to see if it is empty, full, hard or like a balloon, then check it in the early morning before she has eaten when it should be empty. With grass growing so fast in spring, they can get grass strands stuck in there. Mineral oil 1-2 tsp in her food would lubricate the digestive system and possibly help to evauate an impaction. Sour crop is more of a fungal infection, possible from antibiotics or a long tanding impacted crop. Many help their chickens vomit with crop problems, but be careful in learning the correct technique, since they can easily choke to death when this is done. Here are 2 good links about crop problems:

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