Need a Leghorn Rooster


10 Years
May 6, 2009
Oklahoma (Near Lawton)
I got some white leghorn pullets from Florida last month. It looks like three of them are cockerels. I am not interested in breeding them with their sisters. Instead I would like a trade for or buy another white leghorn rooster with someone close to Comanche County (90 min drive or less from Lawton) or willing to ship to me. Anyone here have a good leghorn rooster to trade?

I need a leghorn rooster with the following traits:
White (no brown or red leghorns)
Single Comb
18-months-old (give or take 6 months)
Healthy (diseases free, not a carrier)
Prolific/Proven (breeds well)
Head-of-house (will protect and lead his hens)
Good Quality
Looking for a layer over a show bird
Not from Florida

I would prefer to trade three cockerels for the one rooster but I would also be willing to buy him at a fair price.

If you have what I am looking for just PM me and we will talk.

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