need a little help

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6 Years
Apr 13, 2013
Scotrun, Pa
We just got this leghorns, they are about 3 week old and they have not feathers or down on their lower back. They are eating and drinking just fine and it does not seem to be hurting them. Should a be worried, more then I already am that is. Here are some picture

I am new to having chickens and would really like the help.
I'm no expert, but I think that it might be them pecking the feathers off of there backs, either that or lice, which can lead to feather picking. You might want to get them checked out, but then again, it could be nothing.
I don't have any leghorns, but I have a 3 chicks that have kind of bald backs similar to this. They are all 3 black sex links. I have 5 of them, along with other kinds of chicks, and only the 3 have bald backs. I've watched them closely to make sure they aren't being picked on, and they aren't. I think they are just shedding their fluff, but not getting any real feathers yet. Make sure yours are not being picked on by the others, and if they aren't they should be okay. They should start getting their feathers soon, I think. I am new to chicks too, so maybe somebody else can tell you more.
Thanks for your help, I have been watching them, no one is being picked on and I look for bug and did not see any. I am going to give it a day of two and if it is not looking any better then I am going to call the vet.

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