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    1 mature, 10 month old Buff Orpington rooster hatched from eggs purchased from Hinkjc. Good with hens and not mean. $10

    1 young large fowl White Cochin rooster, ~4 months old. $5

    1 young large fowl barred Cochin rooster, ~4 months old, $5

    1, 5 month old large fowl Black Cochin rooster, BLIND. Free to caring home for a pet. I've been working with him and he knows how to listen for feed and water. He will most likely never be able to breed hens and maybe never crow. Time will only tell. (Don't have current photo - PM if interested)

    1, 2 month old Barred Rock/Buff Orpington cross pullet, will lay brown eggs, $2 (Don't have current photo - PM if interested)

    4, 2 month old Barred Rock cross cockerels (I think), $2 each or $5 for all 4. Three of the four are pictured below. The 4th chick is identical.

    Please EMAIL if you are interested. No shipping is available now due to the heat. I may be able to meet you locally to save you some driving time and gas. I also have more pictures available by email/PM. Also, I can cut you a deal if you want to give them all a good home (not to resell)!
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