Need a simple COOP idea - Quick !!!

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    May 13, 2011
    We currently have 15 chickens. A co-worker of mine approached me about taking some of her brothers chickens. Long story short her brother had to move and her brothers son does not want to take care of the chickens. So they are looking for a new home. It is about 20 laying hens. I need a quick coop design that my husband and I can build NOW. Our current coop would not be able to hold those additional chickens. Please keep in mind that it is winter in MI so the coop would need to have some sort of insulation to keep the chickens warm on those cold snowy nights.
    Any suggestions would be appreaicated. I want to give these chickens a nice loving and warm home.
  2. namastemama

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    Strawbales and tarps.
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    Sep 27, 2011
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    If the birds are already cold-acclimated, they may not need the insulation. They might do fine just with temporary shelter, a simple two by frame sheathed with plywood with a way to get in and out, and you can work on the roosts and nest boxes with the birds underfoot. You can add insulation gradually, as you have time. If the birds have been kept up to now in a deluxe heated coop with a greenhouse run, then this might not work...

    Ask the owners whose chickens you are rescuing to help with building supplies and labor:lol:
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  4. Build a box 8' X 4". As these lengths are normal lumber measurements. LESS CUTTING. I would even do just a flat roof if tonight is your finish goal. You can always pitch a roof tomorrow. You can use plywood if it is framed or other types of lumber if you have some around.

    Another option for tonight is 4 posts in the ground with a tarp wrapped around the sides and roof. I know it's a little ghetto but it will hold them till you can build something. You can always throw an extension cord in whatever you make with a heat lamp to keep them warm until something more permanent.
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    Nov 20, 2011
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    It's a great, protective coop, and there's a great inside:
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    Straw bales wouldn't be very preador proof. Use a big dog kennel, use tarp and placsti for the sides and you can stuff straw inbetween the fence and the plastic, it would work just have to keep replaing the straw. Or you can use some wood like ply wood and hook it up on the inside of the cage. Plastice on outside starw in the middle. Be sure to leave vents open though.

    (spelling is horriable i am sorry)
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    Apr 7, 2010
    Maybe look for an old dock box/dog house/small shed or whatever on Craigslist that you can hastily modify to house chickens. It's easier to start with a basic structure pre-made. Good luck!
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    I would get myself down to Lowe's or Home Depot and buy a shed.
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    Under the deck or porch. If you already have a free-standing garage or deck area which would simply need some walls.

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