Need advice ASAP. Is it too cold for my Lucy to be sleeping alone?


Jul 4, 2019
We have had our 4 chickens for about 3 months now. My little bantam Lucy has always been picked on by mainly “Mavis”. She is standing up for herself much more now. Sometimes has a go at the other Bantam :hmm I have a smaller chicken house inside the enclosure. I put the main perpetrator Mavis there for a few hours a day so Lucy can run around carefree... then Lucy has a time of being in there by herself. They often all sleep together in the cubby house, but it’s always Lucy on her own and the other 3 cuddled together on a different perch. Is heartbreaking. If I leave them all together for too long, Mavis attacks Lucy. I tried putting Lucy in the cubby with the others tonight but she started flapping and squawking and jumped onto my shoulder. She just wants to be with me. Follows me around when I’m in there, sits on my foot until I pick her up etc. She’s so sweet. She is currently in the smaller chookhouse by herself as she really didn’t want to be the the others. It’s currently 5’C and will drop to 1’C overnight. Will she be ok on her own? Or will she get too cold? I could bring her inside, although our dog wants to eat her. I could keep her in the bathroom but am worried she will get too used to it and be distressed when I put her back outdoors. Advice needed please!
So birds are 3 months old?
As long as she is out of the wind and dry, she'll be fine.

...or you could:
Put the bantams together in one coop, and the reds together in the other. Then you don't have to introduce another bird, which will also cause strife.

Mrs K
Thanks for your advice. I’m halving the enclosure today so she’ll have more space. I’ll put the other bantam in with her and see how they go. I caved and brought her inside for the night!

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