Need Advice for a Dewormer


Jul 27, 2019
San Luis Obispo County, CA
Hello awesome chicken people!

So I found a roundworm (pretty sure it was a roundworm due to the Google images I’ve looked at for comparison) in some chicken droppings today, so I need some advice on dewormer. After browsing the forums here I‘ve learned that Wazine is the best (because it won’t cause a massive kill-off of worms (which one poster said may lead to a shock to the system because all those dead worms would need to be expelled). I also read somewhere that if I’ve seen an expelled worm then there is an infestation (and the likelihood of one or more of my Littles having lots of worms in their system is high).

The only problem is that it looks like Wazine has been banned in my state. Does anyone here know of any other dewormer that takes care of the problem over time? I understand I’ll have to treat the flock, wait a while, then retreat (while also withholding the eggs). Or does anyone have opinions on more powerful treatments that don’t risk harming my chickens? Thanks for any feedback!

- Jenna
I use Valbazen too because you give 1/2 cc to each 5 lb hen, wait 10 days and then give it again. Much easier than giving it every day for 5 days in a row, imo.
Wazine is off the market and even though I read you need it before the Valbazen, you really don't.
Fenbendazole works, is available at farm stores, and there's no egg withdrawal. It's the only wormer approved in the USA for laying hens.
This would be my choice as well. I put it in water. When I do worm, I shut the birds in their coop and turn off their auto waterers and put a waterer in so when they first go out in the morning the first thing they do is head for the water but I have a few hundred birds so I can't do them all orally. Good luck...

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