Need advice, goats have a cold.

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    We brought 2 Nigerian Dwarf babies home September 23. They both had a little cold (cough and snotty nose) that they brought home from the fair, so the breeder gave them both an antibiotic injection before we left with them. She said to give it about a week and they should be fine. Jester's cold is gone. Blitz started getting better and only had a little bit of a cough, until our nights started getting so cold. I went down this a.m to let everyone out and he's coughing more and his snotty nose is back. He's eating, drinking and active, he's just got this dang cough and snotty nose.
    My question is, do I go to the feed store and pick up an antibiotic for him? If so what one? Or, do I need to take him to a vet?

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    I would go get some Penn-G or some LA-200. I usually like the LA-200 for my sheep. You don't have to give it as often (every 3 days), unlike Penicillin which is twice a day. The LA-200 isn't labeled for sheep or goats so I would call your vet to ask for dosage. Best of luck!
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    Thanks!! Much appreciated!

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