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    We have purchased my 6 year daughter 4 chickens of different breeds to begin showing them at our county fair next August. We are having a problem keeping them in their coop. They fly onto the top of their hutch & over the fence. Our first thought was to maybe trim a few feathers so they couldn't fly. My concern is.....Is this something that you can do to a show chicken? Will the feathers grow back or will her birds be marked down by judges for having trimmed the wings? Also, any advice anyone has regarding showing chickens for youth would be helpful.
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  2. I don't show birds but I am pretty sure they would be marked off for that. My advice for them getting out is to cover the run. I used the 2 inch wire on mine. It is tedious but worth it. Will also keep out hawks which are a very real threat for birds. Good lick with showing.
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    first of all [​IMG]
    Second of all, i would cover the run anyway, not only to keep out predators, and also to keep the birds where they belong.
    Thirdly, I am a junior 4H showwoman, My biggest advice is..... STUDY. I have friends who forgot to study the minutiae that the judges asked, and went away from the table in tears. I myself got marked down for not knowing about types of turkeys during showmanship trivia. Practice with the birds every day, and hold them often, to get them used to you.
    Hope this helps [​IMG]
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    Quote:x2 good advice there.
    also Welcome, from Eastern Wa.
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