Need advice on a semi domesticated dove


Apr 8, 2018
About a week or so ago I found a white dove roaming in my yard. Come to find out my neighbor had some of these doves and released them into the park behind my house when he couldn't take care of them anymore. This one found its way back and keeps coming back to my backyard for shelter and some food we give it. It doesn't look like it can forage very well and it's kinda skinny. There aren't any facilities that are accepting birds around me so I think the best option is to continue caring for it. It obviously wasn't handled very much and is skiddish of my hands. I was wondering if there are any tips for getting it used to my hands so I can handle it, both for some interaction and to make sure the bird is in good shape. It's pretty possessive over food I give it and will coo and peck and hit me with its wing when I take too long to put food down or try to adjust the dish. I was also wondering about a set up for winter. It does get pretty cold in the winter around here so I was wondering what kind of set up I would need for the dove. It's most likely it will have to stay outside. Any advice would be appreciated View attachment 2179857
You got some good answers already... I just wanted to add that it's a pigeon. It appears you have a solid white New York flying flight (just in case you wondered what breed it is).


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Jun 6, 2020

From what I read about your capabilities, at this time, I really would suggest you try to re-home lil guy to someone that has a pigeon loft. I know your intentions are sincere, but in reality, I don't think pigeon will live a long life, if you provide him with a solitary cage outdoors on your porch. If you allow him to randomly leave that cage, he is likely to become hawk dinner in not too distant future. You did mention there are hawks nearby in park.
Pigeon would make an excellent indoor pet if he was to be kept as a solo. I will tag @Serin and see if he may have better advice for you than what I provide.
WISHING YOU BEST,,,,,,,,,,,, :hugsfor saving him,,,,,,,,,,and:welcome
I think you're probably right. I'll be looking into rehoming options for him and hope that something will come up soon. Thank you for your advice

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