Need advice on chick with deformed leg.

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    Sep 27, 2015
    I have a 4-5 week old chick who has had problems with one leg since it hatched. At first, I thought it was just the foot, and tried to make a little boot to straighten her toes. Then I thought it might be spraddle, so I taped her legs together below the ankle joint, but I noticed that when her feet were parallel, her femurs were not. I've taken her to two vets. The first one just sort of silently examined her, then spent the next 10 minutes typing on his computer, before telling me to come back in a month. I got a second opinion today, and this vet said he would amputate, but that it would cost $1000-$2000. I can't do that. I also don't want to kill the chick. But I'm worried she might be in pain, and the bad leg definitely gets in her way and impedes her mobility. If amputated, the leg needs to come off above the ankle. This is not something I'm comfortable attempting by myself, because I worry about pain, bleeding, and infection. Has anyone else been in a similar situation, and what did you decide to do? I'm wondering if I can bind the leg to her body so it's out of her way? But really, I just wish I could magically run into someone who'd say, "Hey, I can fix that, no problem!"
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    if the chick is in pain/is not able to move to eat and drink, then you should just kill it. i know you don't want to, and neither would i, but if its making it hard to live then its not worth it.

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