Need advice on coop run expansion!!!!!

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    Jun 9, 2010
    Mansfield, Ohio
    I am wanting to expand my run to give my chickens some more room. Their current run is very safe (chain link 10'x30', 6ft high, hardware cloth on bottom half that runs 2ft under the pen & is attached to the ground with landscape staples, & it is covered. I have an extra door to the back of the run & was wanting to fence in some additional space for them. I wanted to know if I could get by with using T posts & poultry wire for that run. I would need about 120-150' of wire. I wasn't planning on covering it. Basically this additional run would just be so they would have a little more room. I would still have the option to shut them in the 10x30 run & not let them in the addition. They would be out there if we were home & outside working. I can't really let them free range because we have a 30 acre corn field on the other side of their coop/run & I'm afraid they would get lost out there or get killed somehow. Anyway, I just don't know if I'm on the right track with this or if I need a sturdier fence (if so, what kind?) & how tall it should be etc... I would sure appreciate any ideas you may have! Also, if it matters the coop/run is close to the house & barn so I don't think I've got alot to worry about as far as predators during the day. They are locked up in the coop every night & locks are on the doors to the run also. Just in case that makes a difference.
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    Jessar: From what you describe, I think the biggest factor here is your comfort level. I f you're truly only going to keep them in the new part during the day, it won't be a problem. It sounds like you have a really really secure run on the other side, so will YOU be comfortable with them in the new part, considering how secure you built the other side?
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    For the chickens safety I would just continue with the kennel panels you are using. They look nice and would be safer than chicken wire. Even in the day time you can get foxes and other wild critters looking for a meal. Time you figured up the cost of posts and wire you might go a little more and continue with the panels.
    As far as covering them it is not always fool proof! I have the kennel pens and a high strength netting on top. It is zip tied securely all the way around and in the corners. I lock my calls up each night no matter what. Next a.m. I discovered their feeder in pen was tipped over and saw little dirty paw prints on inside of kennel panels in corners. A coon had managed some how to climb up and in by chewing a corner loose!
    Last week I found where a fox had dug under one side and it is stoned pen. There was dirt and stones tossed back a couple of feet where he dug away. I knew it was a fox by the foot prints he left in the dirt. This was in the day time and my pen is right in my backyard not far from my house! Thank goodness I had not yet let my ducks or chickens out....
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    I have a smaller area, like you're describing. I have my big run, which is covered and safe (mine is welded wire/hardware cloth). There's the front door that I generally enter the run through, and then it has a back door too. I've fenced off (just welded wire and green metal posts) another little 16x16 section there, off of that back door. Because I do let mine range when I'm home, I just use that extra little area, along with their main run, when I'm home but have to keep them penned due to mowing, or spraying weeds or whatever. When I'm not home, they're only in the secure, covered run section.

    The welded wire is sturdy, and mine is just the 48" height. My girls have never attempted to fly over. Even though their run is much larger than the "extra" area, they act like it's a treat when I open that up for it's brand new every
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    Jun 9, 2010
    Mansfield, Ohio
    Yes, the comfort level is an issue for me which is why I thought I'd ask here before I started it. I would love to use more chain link panels, but honestly the cost is just a bit much for me right now. I've already got close to $800 invested in the coop, fencing, paint & I already had the chain link panels! So I would have to buy these panels & more hardware cloth etc...What my intent for this extra run is is to let them have a place that they can be kept out of too so I can let the grass grow & not go to bare dirt (don't know if that will happen but that's the intent!) They won't be out in it all the time. I doubt I would have many issues with predators during the day. It's just too busy around here & I've got 6 dogs plus the coop & run is very close to the house & barn. I just wanted an extra area to give them some more room from time to time. I'm thinking I would feel better with welded wire just because its more sturdy, but I guess I will have to check the cost of that vs. some used panels.

    FYI..when I decided to get into chickens I ordered my coop & ordered my chicks THEN found BYC!! It was here that I learned all that was needed to make the coop secure enough & how to raise chicks etc...BYC has been a blessing to me! I never in a million years thought I would enjoy these chickens as much as I have. We started out with EEs & Salmon Faverolles in April & on my last trip to the hatchery for organic feed on Friday I came home with 2 white capped black polish chicks & 6 blue cochins. Add those to the 7 black copper marans I bought in mid June. I think I've lost my mind!!!!! Good thing I'm already getting egg customers lined up!

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