Need advice on duck with injured bill


10 Years
Nov 23, 2009
Went out to check on my duckies today and it appears my free range rooster and my Indian Runner drake have been fighting through the mesh that encloses the duck pen. Poor Gumbo (the duck) now has a nasty split on the end of his bill. I washed it in clean water and packed it with flour to stop the bleeding (per directions on another site). Is there anything else I can do for him? I'm kind of broke right now, so I'd really prefer not to take him to the vet if I can help it.
How deep is the cut? do you have any pics? This info could help others give advice. But for now, i would say you have done the right thing, although ive never put anything like that on an injery before. Sorry i cant help much. Oh, and welcome to BYC!
I've never heard of flour being used before!

Keep the wound clean and use Savlon or a Triple Antibiotic Ontment on it once a day. If it is just the beak covering that is damaged, it will eventually heal over several weeks but you've gotta be careful to keep it clean!

Please post a picture so we can give you further advice if necessary!
The bill of a duck will bleed alot when damaged- but also can heal very quickly. Can you tell if he is actually missing a piece of it ? Can you keep him in a separate area for a few days?? Somewhere off the dirt- with clean bedding and fresh water. Keeping his bill clean at the moment to try an avoid any infection is important. Just be careful with any kind of ointment you use on the bill- as he can easily ingest it- something more like a fluid solution that you can dab on might be better than something that will not absorb fast.

Flour- or corn starch in a wound will assist in stemming bleeding by allowing clots to form faster from memory- so while its not the best thing to use- it may be the only thing on hand at the time of an emergency. Poor duckie- I bet his pride is hurt as much as his bill after loosing a round to the rooster.
Thanks so much! I have a cage I can put him in to isolate him for a bit. I don't think he'll like being separated from his mate, but keeping dirt out of the wound seems like it'll be impossible otherwise. And when I cage him tomorrow, I'll get a picture of his bill and post it. Poor guy!

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