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    I would like to hatch a some chics in the coming year, my question is: if i am collecting eggs from my Buff Orp's daily how do I do it? Do I just leave some eggs out in a nest and the hen will go broody and sit on them? Will that hen be broody forever after that? I am a real newbie as you can read. This site is the best!
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    Buff Orpingtons are a very good breed to go Broody for you but not all Buffs go Broody...I have had 5 Broody hens so far this Spring, its a hormonal thing inside them like a ticking clock for breeding/hatching...Sometimes you can place some fake eggs in a nest in hopes of one going Broody for you..a true test of a Broodying hen is when she will not get up off a nest day or night, fluff up and growl at you......then start collecting your eggs and keep them someplace cool but not the a counter top in an egg carton or basket, keep one end of the carton/basket tipped slightly 3 times a day to keep the bulleye (fertile disc) from sticking to one side of the shell...keep the eggs no longer than 7 to 10 days setting around for good hatching them under her and see how it goes...might want to place her in a spot all to herself away from the other chickens in an enclosed area with food and water...
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